Prepared for Girls

A few of the ways we have been prepared for girls, and how we continue to work towards the future:

  • Female British Scouts and Japanese Venturers, as well as local Sea Scout Ships and Venturing Crews have camped at Resica Falls.
  • Resica has hired an increasing number of female staff, in both junior staff and camp leadership positions.
  • Camp improvements that have been made in recent years are female friendly, particularly the 2015 Great Bend Showerhouse – an entire facility comprised of 10 individual showers/bathrooms.
  • Positive experiences and lasting memories were noted by the over 100 female campers at Resica Falls in 2019.
  • NEW for 2021! — An additional 7 new individual showers / bathrooms located at the Big Springs Pool to accommodate the needs of all our campers.
  • The camp leadership has developed a well-rounded, action-packed program designed to meet a variety of individual needs.
  • Check out our Leaders' Guide, and Program Guide to get an idea of the broad range of activities available at Resica Falls. The 2021 editions will be published in January & February.

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Here are the ways Girls can attend Summer Camp at Resica

Your Scout Unit goes through the regular process of registering to attend Summer Camp at Resica. You will need to meet the two-deep adult leadership requirement, with at least one of those leaders being female.


If your Scout Unit is unable to secure two adult leaders for their stay in camp, the first option would be to pair with another Scout Unit already attending Resica. Again, one of the leaders of the combined group would still need to be female.

The second option would be to have your girls and available leaders join our provisional program 'Resica Troop 1' for their week. The camp will provide qualified two-deep leadership with one being female.


If you can’t come to Summer Camp as a Scout Unit, there is still the opportunity for individual girls to attend Resica. They can also join our provisional program 'Resica Troop 1' for their Summer Camp Stay. The camp will provide qualified two-deep leadership with one being female.