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Short Sleeved T-Shirt with coat of arms and 'Knights of the Bushkill'

Custom Unit T-Shirts

Place your order for your personalized Troop T-shirts.

A medieval style banner of the falls with the text 'Knights of the Bushkill'

2021: Knights of the Bushkill

...take us back to a nobler time when knights and dragons roamed the land.

A smiling Chris Brenner and the text 'A Profile In Service

A Profile in Service: Chris Brenner

The year was 2006, the camp was Resica Falls, and the man was Christian F. Brenner...

Virtual Camp Logo

Summer 2020 - Virtual Camp

This circus was all virtual! Clowns and circus hands made the magic happen...

A white fleur de lis on a blue background

Field Weekend

The Field Weekend allows your Troop to hone their tent camping skills while...

'2019 Jurassic Falls' written in front of a drawing of a triceratops

Summer 2019 - Jurassic Falls

Our 2019 theme of "Jurassic Falls" brought the past into the present as dinosaurs...