Frequently Asked Questions


A packing list can be found in our Leaders’ Guide here. Please consult with your unit leaders on a specifics about should (or should not) be brought to camp.

Resica Falls offers almost 70 different merit badges, including 13 eagle required badges. A complete list can be found on our Programs and Opportunities page. It is important that you review all the requirements for each badge you intend on taking before coming to camp. You should also complete any necessary pre-requisite requirements before coming to camp. In many cases a signed note from a Scout leader is sufficient to show proof of completion of a pre-requisite.

In addition to merit badges, Resica also offers various other activities, including our COPE and High Five programs.

Of course! Resica Fall mantains a full trading post. The store stocks a wide variety of items you may want to purchase, including camping supplies, T-shirts and apparel, craft kits, merit badge pamphlets, books, snacks, drinks, and much more. In addition, some badges require the purchase of project kits to complete the badge. We recommend between $35 to $50 for the week.


A study performed by Harris Interactive, in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America, shows that within the typical six days of Scouts BSA summer camp, scouts are "in an environment that comprehensively provides them with critical elements of healthy youth development."

At camp, scouts have time to consider and reflect on their place in life. Strong personal values and character are shaped as young scouts are encouraged to take a part in decisions that impact others, contemplate their relationship with God, reflect on personal values, and participate in patriotic activities regarding American citizenship. Scouts gain a positive sense of self-worth and usefulness through serving others. Scouts are productive and creative at camp.

Results of the full study can be found here.

Every scout's fee is used to support the camping programs and services within the Cradle of Liberty Council. This includes:
  • Campsite accommodations and facilities
  • Program areas and supplies
  • Three delicious meals each day
  • An experienced, top-notch camp staff (salaries & training)
  • Camp improvements and year-round maintence
and much, much more.
Resica Falls does not have a dedicated camp visitors night. Your troop is welcome to organize an evening in camp where you can visit your scout. Please remember: All visitors must sign in at the camp office immediately upon arrival.

To ensure the safety of all campers, the Cradle of Liberty Council, BSA has enacted the following policy.

Any Scout who leaves camp prior to the normal departure time on Saturday morning with their unit, will only be permitted to leave under the auspices of an adult approved by the parents of the Scout. A Camper Release Authorization form, signed by the parents of the Scout, must be on file in the Camp Office in these cases. This form will list all adults, who are authorized by the parents, with whom their Scout may leave camp. Scout leader should escort Scout to the Camp Office to sign out. An up to date version of the Camper Release Authorization form can be found on our Important Documents page.

Of course! Our camp has a daily mail service. Mail should be addressed to campers and leaders in camp as follows:
Scout’s Name / Troop #
Campsite Name
Resica Falls Scout Reservation
1200 Resica Falls Road
East Stroudsburg, PA 18302

Yes. Please fill out the Drug Administration Record. Send that and the medications with your Scout to camp. Each troop handles their medication process a little differently. Some collect all the forms and medications before going to camp. Contact your troop leader for the exact details.

While at camp, if the medication is needed during an emergency such as an asthma attack or allergic reaction, the camper may keep the medication on themselves. If it is only needed at planned occasions such as every morning or every evening, your unit leaders or our health lodge staff will keep it and dispense it as you describe in accordance with the prescription.

While we cannot keep a Scout from having a phone in camp, it is highly discouraged you send your Scout with one. Scouts with cellphones are less likely to take full advantage of our multifaceted program and are at a greater risk of becoming homesick. Resica Falls is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal devices.

A Summer Camp Refund Request Form must be completed for each individual requesting a refund. The form must be completed and submitted to: Cradle of Liberty Council, 1485 Valley Forge Rd, Wayne, PA 19087. All approved refunds are paid by check to the unit contact, or parent if an individual registration in the online registration system.

If the refund request is:

  • Submitted on or before May 31: resident camp forfeit $50, day camp forfeit $25, balance of fees refunded
    • Medical or school (summer school) reasons must be submitted with a note from the doctor or school within 30 days of the camp week
    • Missed five or six days: forfeit 25% of the camp fee, balance of fees refunded
    • Missed three or four days: forfeit 50% of camp fee, balance of fees refunded
    • Missed one or two days: forfeit 75% of the camp fee, balance of fees refunded
    • Refund request submitted more than 30 days after the camp week or without note from doctor or school: No refund
    • All other reasons:
      • Request submitted more than 30 days prior to camp: Forfeit 35% of camp fee, balance of fees refunded
      • Request submitted less than 30 days prior to camp week: No refund

Yes. Please visit us on the Important Documents page for an up to date Financial Aid Application.


Theres a lot you can do before coming to camp. Please read the entirety of the leaders guide and program guide found on our Important Documents page. The guide lays out exactly what should be done before coming to camp. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Our staff are always willing to answer your questions!
All troops find out what site they are staying in at our Pre-Camp Leader's Meeting in June. Once you find out the name of the site, you should be able to find it on the camp map.
We would be happy to talk to you about this skill. Either bring it up with your camp commissioner or stop by the camp office and let our staff know.
Yes. The Dining Hall is equipped with WiFi which is available to leaders 24 hours a day. It is password protected and will only be shared with leaders. Leaders can find out the password at the Sunday evening leaders meeting or at the camp office anytime.